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Well now that I caught back up, I'd like to reiterate my main point; Dream Theater came first and there really isn't anything like them. Yeah I know the 80s had King Crimson and Rush and others, but Dream Theater is like the next generation of Proggers after the 70s and 80s stuff. Tool is a watered down, more radio friendly version, so what? But saying Tool is the icon and Dream Theater takes all their cues from Tool is silly.

Dream Theater was formed in 1985. Tool was formed in 1990. Yeah its only 5 years, but those 5 years are some of the most drastic changes in music during my lifetime (1969-present). For example, music in 1995 isn't that much different than 2005, but in 1985 it was WAAAAAAY different than in 1990. The gap is even bigger if you take into consideration their respective first releases. Dream Theater's first major project was in 1986 and Tool's was in 1993. That qualifies as different generations of musicians in my book.

The point is Dream Theater and Tool come from two different eras.

Finn doesn't like DT and loves Tool. I don't really care for either, but at least I can tell which of the bands grew up watching the other band (hint, the answer is Tool).

Yes, I'm talking symantics here. Yes Portnoy tips his hat to Tool and Pantera. Somehow I think that is more of Portnoy's effort to be humble than any music-worshiping.

I'll say it again...that type of music has a finite amount of cliches and sounds, so of course there are going to be lots of similar riffs, blatant ripoffs (hey, if it works), and so on.

I would bet that 50s hard boppers all had the same arguments, "quoting" as Finn called it. I wonder if Dexter Gordon was ever considered a rip off of Coltrane?
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