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Default Re: My bands myspace design!

Well ours cost 80 ($120) so like 16 ($24) each. Not bad really. I don't what that's like compared to other designers because this is the first time I've ever had anything like this done. It's by this guy who is only 18 and has a pretty good business!

It all depends on what you where you want to go with your band though. If yo're just having fun with your mates then maybe not. We're going to give this band a real go and try and get signed. three of the guys used to be in a fairly successful so they have several contacts that have already got us some pretty decent gigs/support slots even before our first gig! plus the bassist works for a promotions company :) we're hoping to tour this summer too with maybe a signed band. So in our minds we're putting in what we want to get out of it, if you get my meaning.
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