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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by bigd View Post
To even say JoJo Mayers name in the same sentence with Vinnie, Weckl, and Gadd is absolutely ridiculous. You can find better players on any serious music campus in the US.
really? not a chance, jut because his name isn't as big as the others, or that he hasn't played with ALL the best guys.
seriously he is one of the best around today, although gadd is great, and IS one of the best, you would have a better chance at spoting a guy as good as gadd than mayer in my opinion, he can do things i have never seen anyone replicate

this piece alone is a great musical, technical groove, but man he can groove aswell. I'm am not getting into a chops debate, but this guy is leaps and bounds neyond the frey when it comes to both. nobody alive today imo has a left hand like him
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