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Originally Posted by Thunderstix View Post
OK I'll get that.

But I'd also like to learn some latin drumming. Will Timbafunk or Tiempo cover latin techniques or mostly play-alongs?
Yeah, if you got Latham's Advanced Funk Studies and are doing alright, definitely go for Future Sounds.

Tiempo is an add-on to Timbafunk; I was lucky enough to win an autographed (by Jesus Diaz) copy of the former, but I can't tell you much about the latter.

I'd only get Tiempo if you're also interested in learning some percussion (congas, timbales, blocks/bells, etc.). The book basically gives a handful of sample grooves in different latin styles, then gives you a score and play-along excerpt. The book is divided into sections based on different types of latin grooves, and the explanations of the ideas/history behind each style is great, but they don't really spend much time on the "basics"; I'd recommend looking elsewhere if this is your first foray into latin playing, but it's great for finding some new patterns to liven your playing up once you've gotten a strong base.
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