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Travis is just one of those icons u love to have as an icon when your younge and working in band...i mean real younge though! like 13 or tiny bit older...when i was that age i looked up to travis and dave grohl...them combined made me into a better drummer winning drumming comps at 14 i new it had something to do with icon drummers! travis may not b the best drummer but its his image and way he drums, some fills or techniques he does are behond me! i mean can any of u out there serously say u cud come up with the stuff he does...his solo's arnt hugly amazing...he doesnt go to much round the kit and to me a drum solo is more to do with drums then cymbals...but when i see his coolness and ability to punk rock people down to earth thats what gets me going and wanting to drum!

When a drummer performs and i can hear them play, then not long after i have the ergde to go drum...thats when u no u were listening to a good drummer! and i get that alot with travis. He's a cool rebel and i love that in drummers instead of some guy u dont even know the name to who sits behind the kit hitting a few drums...literaly!
All in all hes great and every1 noes it deep inside!

Rock on..
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