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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by Boomka View Post
Yeah, sorry, I was just trying to make a rhetorical point.

But then again, I'm not sure you're correct. Part of "feel" is when and where the strokes land - and that's a technical issue. I might agree that many have "elaborated" on what Steve said, but I wouldn't say they've improved the language...
I agree "Elaborated" is a much better term than "improve". I'll use that one next time.

But this debate has been played about a million times over different drummers, and it comes down to the same things: one guy laid the foundation, and someone else took it and went somewhere else with it, leaving kids to think the 1st guy isn't as deserving.

In Prog:
Kids like to say Mike Portnoy tops Neil Peart, but most of what Portnoy plays he took from Neil, and then added to.

In Metal:
Lars Ulrich gets slammed for not being as good as modern metal masters, but 25 years ago, Lars was playing innovative stuff no one else was really doing, that then everyone and their brother copied and took to a new level.

In big band:
People love to debate Buddy over Gene, but Gene was a huge influence on Buddy.

In jazz:
People go on and on about Tony and Elvin, but not as much about Papa Jo Jones who set up many of the concepts that Tony and Elvin took to a new level.

In overall drum history:
People love to discuss Buddy, Krupa, Tony, Ringo, Peart, but not so much guys like Zutty Singleton and Sonny Greer who were among the first guys to even play what we now consider a modern drum set on a recording.

And even drum historians still can't figure out who actually came up with the concept a drum set over individual drums, that poor person's name has been lost to history. We only know that Bill Ludwig took the concept and improved it to make a better and more practical bass drum pedal that allowed everyone else the chance to become drum set players.
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