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Yes if you notice, the only real big name on there is Robben Ford. I'm not saying his work is not amazing. I was trying to understand why he's not famous like a Keith Carlock. Also, I would never say a professional creative force in drumming is no where close to Vinnie. Vinnie is one particular style. As beautiful as his playing is, it's still subjective. I listen to Steve Hass, Keith Carlock, Brian Blade and Bill Stewart very much. I don't listen to Vinnie very much these days. Vinnie has an approach, and so do other drummers and I really believe it's just a matter of taste. Music is about taste and making choices. many times I feel Vinnie's choices live, are over the top and don't really fit in the music. It's almost as if he's thinking about how he can sound amazing, not how the band can sound amazing. The older I get, the less I like this approach. This another reason why I love Peter Erskine.
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