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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by Terminator7t View Post
So, I have recently been watching some of Steve Gadd's performances and I can't for the life of me see why he is considered one of the best drummers of all time. I mean to be compared to people like Vinnie, Jojo Mayer and many more seems to be ridiculous to be me.

For example, I saw a performance of Vinnie, Dave Weckl, and Steve Gadd playing together, and he seemed to be totally outclassed by the others.

Is there something i'm missing? Or maybe I am unable to appreciate his drumming.
I'd say you're missing context.

When looking back at a great, you have to consider where they were at the time and not compare them to who else is around now.

Much like football players of the 60's and 70's, the greatest back then seem average now because the "chops" bar has been raised so much higher.

When Gadd was at the highest point of his recording career and wowing people with solos that got him the reputation of greatest drummer, Weckl was still in Jr High school. Jojo Mayer had never been heard of. Vinnie was just getting started.

Weckl and Vinnie, among others, were very influenced by Gadd. Gadd was doing what they are doing before they were doing it.

So it's no surprise they took what Gadd did and improved upon it to the point that looking at them NOW, it appears Gadd is not quite on the same level.

Just because the student might surpassed the teacher doesn't mean the teacher is no longer deserving his credit.

There are 100's of drummer debates like this where one guy was innovate, but someone else took it to a new level. But the guy at the new level wouldn't be there without the predecessor.

I was never into Gadd when I was younger. I didn't much get it either. But as I've gotten older, I've been able to appreciate where he was coming from more, and appreciate what he does. I'd kill to have his feel and sense of groove.

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