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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd..

Wish I could come to one of your clinics, that's for sure!

Hey: There are snippets of a Styx-performance on the net I haven't known about yet. It kinda looks like back in the old days. My guess is 1997. You were playing Sonor, of course.
The thing is, it's an unplugged appearance on some TV-show, I suppose (blue and red curtains flapping in the background).
Although, there didn't seem to be an audience present. Your playing is really intriguing and the unplugged-format grants very up-close and personal insights.

Do you recall what event that was...couldn't find anything about it yet! I'd re-really like to see more of this:)

Thanks, man and all the best...

PS: Good luck for Monterrey!
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