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I love Chad Smith. He is my favorite drummer of all time. I've never heard him overplay a song. He sits right in the pocket every time, without fail. He doesn't show off during albums. I respect that, it takes a lot to control the overwhelming desire to just stick in whatever you feel would make the song cooler from your end. Its a very mature quality. He plays to the song and not to show off. His sense of time is unwavering and his foot work is fantastic. If you've ever seen him live you can see how locked in to the songs he is. Chili Peppers do some distracting things on stage. They have flaming helmets, light bulb heads, and sometimes play in the nude. All the while Chad plays as if nothing strange is happening. I think he's better than a lot of people give him credit for. I played to Californication and Blood Sugar and it improved my sense of timing tenfold. He does some crazy stuff with his beats. I highly recommend his instructional DVD. He doesn't sit down and instruct but you get to see him play some of the best RHCP songs and he plays the beats slower for you too. Chad Smith is a rock/funk/punk powerhouse.
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