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Default Re: whats with the sudden pike in visitors???

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
It's a whole 'nother world Pol.

Avatar was a bit of an in joke with the good wife. I was on the pad as she was on the phone the other day......needless to say I was told to shut it or the sticks would be firewood. So I had cause to hold my sticks aloft and (doing my best Charlton Heston) declared "from my cold dead hands!!". Stumbled on that pic the next day and HAD to nick it for an avatar.
Yeah, it's another language. I was designing websites and graphics for a few years - nothing too commercial, just favours for friends, quid pro quo and small payments. I first learned it by reading "HTML for Dummies" on the bus on the way to and from work.

Nice background on your avatar, PFOG. It looks pretty savage. There a payoff for partners of drummers, though. One, we have rhythm and know how to lock in with the ... rest of the rhythm section (ahem) and two, we can give killer massages, at least the tapotements. That should be nice compensation for your partner :)
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