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Default Re: Favourite Guitar Player.

Thom Yorke; he's the one musician who's had the biggest impact on me, no doubt about it.

Melodically speaking he uses chords you wouldn't find in a lot of commerical music or other music full stop! and more specifically he's taken extended harmony from a Jazz setting and turned it into to something that's very can quite clearly see the link but he and Radiohead have developed upon it and created something that has their stamp on it.

Another thing I love about Thom's playing is his use of chord subsituations. Typically the chords in Radiohead's music don't seem to move in blocks or units, rather melodies are buried together to create the chord so in effect what you have is melodic counterpoint pulling the chords in different directions, but anchoring it down into a direction that makes sense. I find this much more creative and flowing than just playing the appropriate major and minor chords underneath a main melody, it intergrates everything melodically about the songs into one entity. I've not seen many players who are very chordal, play the guitar in a way that seems to fullfil both a rhythmic and important and fundamental melodic function at the same time.

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