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Default Re: Favourite singer(s)

Vocals are so profound and soul-filling...Wow! thanks, I am going to check those links.
No worries! I will release the PanzerKampfWagen (tigers) to back and defend you, who ever tries to beat you! :-]

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Cheers Ian. No doubt I overuse them, but given that I like to kid around and how easy it is for people to misunderstand each other on the web, I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

Kate has a really appealing quality about her voice - heaps of charm. I love singers with that X factor like her and John Lennon. And, of course, Freddie conquered the world with a charm offensive we'll sadly never see again.

Every now and then vocalists come up with emotional performances that are often not technically impressive but have knocked my socks off, like:

John Cale's version of Heartbreak Hotel

Marianne Faithfull singing Why'd Ya Do it and Sister Morphine

BB King singing anything

Melanie Safka in Candles In the Rain

Robert Plant in Since I've Been Loving You

Joe Cocker's cover of A Little Help from My Friends

Elton singing Candle In The Wind

Peter Gabriel singing Stagnation when he was with Genesis.

Janis Joplin in Ball and Chain

Drums are great but, deep down, great vocal performances are the ultimate for me. I'll probably get beaten up for saying this :)
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