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now, as is probably already well known, i am a huge DT fan. and even more so for mike portnoy. but i need to stop a second to reflect because of what dt portnoy said.

naturally as a dt fan, im on your side. it seems me and dt portnoy are allies in this conversation. but i disagree with his second latest post.

as you well know, ive havent been bashing at all, and ive just been defending DT and having one hell of a debate with finn.

i started out against finn because he seemed so pitted against mike portnoy and dt and had so many bad things to say about them. i started out way against finn. but ive learned that he knows what hes talking about... its his job. as ive said before.... he knows his stuff.

that said....
"Lastly, I can't get over how much research and effort you put into your DT bashing. I simply must give you applause. It's always been my dream to become a loser with nothing better to do than rip on bands."
i dont think that finn is "bashing." hes using his vast knowledge (as sarcastic as that sounds) to bring up points. as much as i disagree with the points he brings up, i still very much respect him and the way hes so educated on the subject. any point he brings up has enough evidence that it can be justified... and its not some supid unjustified statement, like.... OMGOMG PORTNOY SUXZZz LOL!!2111!!1 he obviously knows way more than his share about music. and that by no means makes him a "loser with nothing better to do than rip on bands"

but dont worry dt portnoy: im still on your side.

me and dt portnoy still think mike portnoy and dream theater are completely original and own tool by far.

i think i can speak for the both of us when i say that in our opinion (and thousands others) dream theater is one of the most original and talented bands of all time. and theres been no opinion changing here. dream theater still owns.
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