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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Ok, Todd...thanks for your quick reply.....I've got to bug you some more though. I hope you don't mind:)

See: I watched the section again. My bad...I meant what the difference was between the six-rolls in the sextuplet-rate and then the next thing you mention, the 6B (which is of course the Chaffee-thing) in the compound-stickings-part of the xpad-session? Respectively, why did you seperate them?

I'm just being a faithful student and trying to get all this valuable stuff together, Todd! ...

Really -- your personal, additional stuff on this forum and all sort of comes with the Dvd...I understand that... But I already got the feeling I owe you a lot more than that, man:)


Ok-ok....I got it now! ..It's basically that the 6B and the sextuplet-six's have different starting-points and accents...RLLRRL for the sextuplets and respectively RLRRLL for the Chaffee....

That's it...or is it?

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