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I must say that you make some very good points here, finn. I agree that in writing and such, plagiarism is not welcomed, but this isn't writing. Sure, you're writing music, but that's way different than writing a book or newspaper article. Everybody takes influence from someone somewhere along the way, and that usually means that you are going to use some rhythms from your idols. Even if you fully intend to borrow the rhythms, I don't consider that to be a bad thing. The quote of Buddy above couldn't be more true, in my eyes.

As an example, look at Metallica. They are one of the founders of Metal as we know it today. They're highly origional and highly respected (by many people, but they have their enimies), and they made an entire 2-CD album consisting of nothing but other people's work. Using someone's idea is simply a way of showing respect and showing that you like that particular idea. If someone used my idea, I would take that as a great compliment.

And even if DT does copy heavily, they have many more songs and ideas that were all their own.
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