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one great thing about dave's drumming that i haven't seen mentioned yet is his sense of dynamics. yes he is a hard hitter, but when a song has quiet parts, he plays them with just as much intensity, but softly. chalk that up to singing backups while playing drums, crazy but simple fills, rock solid timing and you have a super drummer and one of my musical heroes. had nirvana not have asked him to join the band, they wouldn't be anywhere close to what they are now in rock history.
here is a link to a show with his new project, them crooked vultures (grohl-drums/vox, john paul jones-bass/organ/vox, josh homme-guitar/vox, alain johannes-guitar/keys/vox). i'm stoked to see him behind the kit again! enjoy this as much as i did...
ACL-Them Crooked Vultures
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