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Originally Posted by cantstandyourfunk View Post
I have been wondering about that for a while, but never really found out. however, if you are into sounds, I'd think that on the opener, A Thousand Years and Desert Rose it's definitely manu, especially in the way he comes in on Desert Rose. If it's otherwise i'd be surprised. Also, Ghost Story is pretty much Vinnie all over; just listen to the outro, you can't miss that ride. I am not so sure about Perfect Love Gone Wrong, but that and Tomorrow We'll See are probably Manu as well. I'd like to think After The Rain Has Fallen as Vinnie's, again, because of tones and the hat work just the overall feel. Does anyone actually play on Big Lie Small World? The time-sig veers towards Vinnie Territory hahaha. God, I love both these guys with Sting, man; it's taste to the max!

Ghost Story is actually played by Manu, and to me is the best drumming on the disc.
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