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Originally Posted by DTportnoyDT
Lastly, I can't get over how much research and effort you put into your DT bashing. I simply must give you applause. It's always been my dream to become a loser with nothing better to do than rip on bands.
(OK, that was harsh, but my point is, you have your opinion. Why do feel the need to try to change other's. You've made your point, and no opinions have been changed. Put a sock in it.)
Eh, I don't need to research - it comes knocking. I teach drums, and if you teach drums you'll learn a lot of things from your students:

1) Travis barker is, like, totally the best drummer on the planet.
2) No, Joey Jordison is.
3) No, it's Mike Portnoy.

As such I've heard a fair bit of all three. Oh, Danny Carey goes on the list too, but I actually like Tool. Anyway, back to the list above. I've owned albums with all of them on, because I have people who pay me who want to know more about what these guys are doing. It's hard to teach something you don't know about, so I listen, learn and work out how to teach it back to people.

Portnoy is, BTW, a very capable drummer. I won't dispute that. But that's not the issue, so I don't really feel there's any major bashing going on here.

Along the way I've run into a whole lot of things that sound, to my ears, exactly like other pieces of music released before the songs in question. I don't really like that. To me, music is like writing. If you write an article that IS another person's article (sell somebody elses work as your own) then you get sued for copyright infringement. If you take somebody elses article and generally re-write it in your own words while clipping the odd paragraph here and there out and making minor changes you get into trouble for plagiarism, which is not the same but still seriously frowned upon.

But if you read an article by somebody else, reflect on it, do some more research and then write a piece on the same subject? No problem. Happens every day. So I don't have a problem with reworking, extending or being inspired by another person's work, but I do feel that sometimes DT do cross the plagiarism line. Only just. But still.

And ultimately, where's the problem in disagreement in a discussion? We could have a thread where everybody just shows up and says "Hey, what about that Portnoy guy, eh? Awesome" and then goes away, or we could have some conflict but actually have a conversation on the subject. As long as everybody stays at least moderately civil we should be fine. I did get the claws out a bit down the thread, but you'll note they're away now and I'm doing my best to argue from an informed position rather than just saying "DT SUX HA!".
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