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Travis Barker is a celebrity. This is because of his reality show, and his publicist. Anyone who is in the public eye I.E: tabloids, TV shows, internet tabloids, pays a publicist to get them into those things. That's the way the business works. A great publicist costs around 10-20 grand a month.

This is a drumming website. Travis Barker is an "OK" rock drummer. I've seen him live a few times, including this past Grammy performance. His time isn't great, his feel is shakey and he hits way too hard. His band is a good band for the kind of music they play. You can't compare these types of musicians with musicians who are really into music. Blink 182 are not 24/7 players who are masterful. They write good punk/rock songs and play their instruments well enough to perform those songs. They're not hired gun musicians that can play many styles. So you really can't judge Travis on the same scale that you would judge Steve Hass, Keith Carlock, or Vinnie Colaiuta on.

As far as drumming goes, Travis will not be remembered for his drumming. His drumming is pretty irrelevant in the world of music. Josh Freese is someone who in that style of music, will be remembered. There are hundreds of thousands of drummers across the world who play the drums better than Travis Barker. That's a fact. He's just a guy that got lucky.
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