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You bet, mate. You are a lucky devil or maybe more!....:-)

Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I don't really like Bon Jovi but Tico Torres is a good drummer and i respect him as a musician. I actually have his paiste signature heavy 14" high hats and pearl high hat stand. And when i say "his" i mean his actual cymbals. I have a good friend who's grandparents knew Tico, and for some reason or another he was getting rid some of his cymbals. So my friend and his grandparents stopped by and picked them up. But my friend already had a zildjian cymbal set up and the cymbals he got from Tico (a paiste crash and china along with the highhats,but i think they were from a series that became discontinued) were just sitting in his closet. It just so happened i was looking to buy new hats so he just gave them to me. So it's pretty funny how it all worked out. I never thought id be using Tico's top-of-the-line high hats. They're signed and everything. I guess i'm a pretty lucky guy.
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