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in response to dt portnoy - i know that its perfectly legal to blatantly rip off another band, but its really lame. it shows no taste and says you cant think of ideas for yourself. covers are one thing, but passing off someone elses musical ideas as your own is just really low. thats why this subject is so touchy and heated.

finnighans - first things first, i admire how youre so knowledgeable about every subject that has been mentioned in this conversation. i think you know a rediculous amount about music and bands, and it pays off.

but, as dt portnoy said before, it is a matter of opinion. i dont think theres any way to know for sure which band copied which, or which band insipred which part of what song. think it could be difficult for the members of each band to answer that question before. dt portnoy said earlier that, possibly, a band could be inspired by another, and therefore could end up playing their styles subconsciously, and end up with something near the same end result.

for instance... and the greatest instance i know of this.

symphony x blatantly copies dream theater. its rediculous. the song "pharoah" by symphony x has a bass solo while all the other instrumentalists are playing a weird synchronized stacatto melody. this is EXACTLY like the breakdown in metropolis pt. 1. also, symphony x has copied song names, and even musical structural ideas, like you mentioned before.

now, the reason i used this as an instance, is because, theres no way to tell wether the reason so many things sound so similar is because they ripped the idea off or they were so heavily inspired that many of the ideas in their head came out sounding like their insiration. although they all say that dream theater is one of their biggest inspirations, it is still uncertain wether it was blatantly copied, or just subconcious. however i do feel that similarity in that much quantity and of that degree cant be completely unintentional.

the same goes for dream theater and tool. although dream theater came first, it is not completely unreasonable to feel that maybe dream theater may have copied ideas from tool. however, it is a matter of opinion when it comes to th e question inspiration vs. the stealing of ideas.

theres no real way to be sure.
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