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Originally Posted by SusanCarter View Post
Hey, Keith isn't trying to replace anyone, in fact, Gadd is one of his favorites too...of course, I like Keltner and Gordon. Keith has a style of his all the greats before him. Katy Lied is my favorite..;) Isn't that Jeff P.?

This doesn't make any sense to me. Keith only exists because of Steve Gadd, and the greats before him. He has a style that is very much HIS, but it comes out of Gadd. The entire swampy marching feel that Keith is using was brought to us by Gadd in the 70s. Keith VS Gadd, is not fair to Keith. He'll always lose. Keith would sound completely different had Gadd not existed.
That brings me to people asking question's about Keith's sound. This is a problem if you're a real drummer. Keith's sound/set-up/feel, is his. YOU should get your own. Keith Carlock already exists. Music is a form of art, where only the original can survive. Be yourself.
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