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Something just popped into my head.

Now, I'm not saying that Dream Theater did copy any body, but even if they were to copy someone, who cares?!? It's perfectly legal to copy other bands. Just look at the millions of cover songs out there. And like I said before, it's easy to copy by accident. Particularly if you have certain influences (Every band has their influences, no one grew up and decided to play music without listening to any music first). If you have influences, it's easier to copy without even realizing it because that's what you grew up listening to and it's something that you like.

For example, I am influenced by (among many others) Megadeth and Dream Theater, but that doesn't mean that if I decide to play a cool tom groove, I must be copying Megadeth's "Trust" and Dream Theater's "Home" or "Metropolis Pt. 1". It just means that I like that style and want to use it in my song. If it happens to be too much like one of the aforementioned songs, then oh well...who cares?

I just don't see the point in arguing about this. If you insist that Dream Theater are talentless copy-cats, you have all the right in the world to think that.
If you insist that they are all original, you have equally as much right to think that. Both are a matter of opinion, and if you're hell-bent on trying to change people's opinions, I got one thing to say to you: Good Luck, because it's impossible.

There's 2 cents more for you.
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