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Default Re: Medeskisoul's Hand Percussion

Originally Posted by GPinney
Cool drums man. I love bongos
Thank you very much. I love them too.

For clarification though, the large remo is a 12" Djembe, The medium ceramic drum is a 10" Djembe and the small ceramic drums is an 8" doumbek.

maybe if I get super ambitous I will go into my storage warehouse and dig out my vintage drums. I have a few goodies like a: hand painted calfskin head, wood hoop, cat gut snares snare drum from a boys band in the 20's with case, sticks, stand, music and photo of band member. I also have an original picolo snare from god knows when. it is a single headed drum with calfskin head and catgut snares right against the single head with a small screw to adjust tension. Man I need go digging around one of these weekends.

RAMBLER ALERT!!!! sorry... :)
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