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Default Re: Favourite Guitar Player.

Originally Posted by bog_72 View Post
this is why drummers get a bad rap.....a thread about favorite guitarists,and not one mention of Randy Rhoads.....*sigh*

So um yea, Randy Rhoads
Over The Mountain would be my favorite track of his

His pupil, Carlos Cavaso of Quiet Riot was also very good

However, there were so many incredible shredders in all of the hair bands - and in 80s metal in general - that it is kinda hard to pick among the litter: DiMartini, Bratta, Schenker, Lee, Campbell, Sykes, Collen, Gillis, Marcello, Becker, etc....

On the other hand, I don't know of many guitar players who know who Vinnie or Buddy Rich are/were - so we may be kind of even...
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