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so, are you saying, that just because a band doesnt play the same exact style in every single song and album (which almosts defeats the idea of prog already) they have become influenced by newer bands?

so, because dream theater made a shift, they were seddenly copying tool? youre saying that every time they took a turn in direction in their type of music, it had to be because they were "copying" another band.


no two of dream theaters album have the same sound. each is such a blend and mix of styles that it would be hard to classify it as just one genre. and your comment about awake being "affected by 90s metal."

awake was put out in the nineties. go figure.

and, as stu strib said earlier, the fact that tool came out so much later than drea, theater (and three to four years is a lot of time) can so act as proof that dream theater did not copy them. when an already big band hears this up and coming band's brand new debut cd, rarely will they go try and copy it.

what do you think, mike portnoy and john petrucci were sitting around one day, listening to the brand new tool album, and mike goes, "hey! these tool kids are pretty good. lets blatantly copy them because we only have an unsurpassed amount of talent and have come up with plenty of completely original material ourselves. hell, we have another decade at least worth of original material, and we can outplay most bands around. so, we MUST COPY TOOL."

sorry, thats not the way it works. from the sounds of it, tool takes an amazing amount of inluence and idea from dream theater.

the fact is, two bands can sound alike. almost flawlessly alike. it doesnt have to mean that one copied the other. especially on a level with dream theater.
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