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Originally Posted by maxvonbeek View Post
Ha! when we "signed" to an "indie" label we paid for the recording ourselves, they pressed the cds and that was that. We've never seen any money from them for cd sales other than the ones we sell ourselves at shows and the shirts we print ourselves.

The highlight was seeing it in the racks in HMV, the lowlight was that that copy stayed in those racks so long I almost bought it myself and I'm guessing they [the label] have a bigger coffee table made from unsold shrink wrapped cd's than we have so I'm not complaining. lol
Wow, I could have written the exact same post with the exception of we convinced the label they should give us the leftover cd's, which I have lugged around with me for the past 10 years. Don't get me wrong, they are being put to practical use - they are holding up other boxes of cd's that were never sold.
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