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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Yeah, but I don't get the whole "DT is influenced by Tool" comment. DT has been around for so much longer, it's almost sacrilege. Can a much older band be 'influenced' by bands that came after them, in the same vein? If anything, I'd say it would be an homage to the younger Tool and likes.

This would be like saying the Stones are influenced by the Hives. (maybe not that extreme, but hopefully my point is understood).
DT hasn't been around for "So much longer" than most of these bands. DT had their first album out in... what... 88? 89? Pantera had albums out around that time, albeit hair-metal. Tool's first EP came out in '92, and they hit it big in '94. DT's first notable album (Images & Words) was what... 91? There's 3-4 years in it, tops.

As for the idea that an older band can't possibly be influenced by newer acts, how do you explain Miles Davis? He was already a legend fully decades before his interest in rock music drove him to start playing fusion in the late 60s. A key influence in this was Hendrix, who was clearly a considerably younger act than Miles. Similarly, Radiohead made a notable move towards playing electronic music mid-career, influenced by the likes of Aphex Twin. ?uestlove talks openly about how the programming on The Pharcyde's "Labcabincalifornia" made him revamp his entire style - after The Roots had already hit it big. DT clearly did make mid-career shift at several points in different directions. Their early material was much more Rush/Queensrych oriented, but with Awake they added more elements of 90s metal. Post 1996 they've started sounding more like Tool on a number of occasions.

Denying people the right to be influenced by the music they hear just because they're famous is a bit silly, don't you think? The Stones/Hives comparison is silly because the Hives are trying to sound like the Stones were some forty years ago. DT only started recording stuff that sounded very similar to Tool well after Tool had released multi-platinum albums.

I don't see why everybody is so touchy about this particular point. Portnoy is, as a player, very open about his influences and all of these bands are on the list. Do you want me to find quotes? If somebody cites Miles Davis as an influence and then uses the bass line from "So What" in a song do you consider it an accident?
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