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Default Re: Crazy cover versions

Oh come now, PFOG - that was Rolf's finest moment! To resore your faith in Aussies playing Led Zep covers, try Nat and Dayne's version of Whole Lotta Love. Quite a duo, eh?

Abe, I've heard that version of Smoke on the Water. The instrumentation is goosebumps material but the vocals ... well, they're ... funny :) Like the Indian pop cover too.

DED, that Dream Theater cover is a pretty faithful cover, as they tend to do. Great song, one of my fave Elton numbers and they do it justice.

BD, like the start, very Floyd (Echoes period). I can't think of a better guy to cover Bonzo than Danny Carey. He kills it.

I forgot a cover I especially love - John Cale's Heartbreak Hotel. The passion just pours out of him - blows me away every time I hear it
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