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Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post
Wow! That is a great history lesson on one of the bands I grew up with and love. And good business advice, DrumEatDrum. Thanks a ton for that insight!!!
A bit of an update from the man himself:

Of course, these are parlous times in the music business, so our time-honored pattern of touring, recording, and touring is no longer the obvious way to do things. The music world—or at least the business of it—is very different now, even since 2006, when we began work on Snakes and Arrows. The importance of “the album” is not what it was, and there is currently a reversion to a musical climate rather like the 1950s, when only “the song” matters. Radio, downloads, and “shuffle” settings are inimical to collected works. Because of that reality, record company advances that used to pay for album projects are a thing of the past, so if that was what we wanted to do, we’d be on our own.
Wow. Just wow. So much for clout, Rush can't even get a record advance anymore.
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