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Default Re: international stage fright (a new thing)

One of my favorite parts about my tour of NZ was that I met (and played for) not just the Kiwi's, but a large number of international tourists. I've come to the conclusion that no matter where you go on this earth, people enjoy music and having a good time. They also like drinking a lot too. Especially the Irish.

Having done as much playing at home as I have, yes I've built an expectation as to what crowds can be like and was too a little weary of how people on the other side of the world would react, after a few songs, people were dancing and any worries I had were lost in the great time I was sharing with random global strangers.

Sounds like a great opportunity for you, I reckon anytime your music takes you somewhere new is a great opportunity! Enjoy! Have fun! Keep your nose clean and always wear a rubber.
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