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Default international stage fright (a new thing)

So I'm usually the last guy to get stage fright or anxiety before taking the stage, and I've been playing on stages for over 15 years now. Before that I was a dancer too so I usually have no problems getting up on the stage.

However in a little less than a month I'm doing an international tour, my first time playing outside the country. It's really not a whole lot to worry about it's just a week in ireland with 5 shows. Recently I've been sweating alot of the unknowns like worrying about the equipment (I'm basically only bringing sticks, everything else is being rented), the idea of playing in venues I've never seen before and have no idea what it's going to be like. I have toured plenty of times before and been in that situation, so I really have no reason to worry about it, and the equipment is all going to be top notch stuff from a professional cartage company. All the clubs have good gear too so I know the sound shouldn't be a problem either.

I'm starting to feel like the reason I'm worried about the little things is becuase ultimatley I'm afraid of audience reactions. Up until know I've always played in the states and I know how to deliver to that audience, and I'm starting to worry that things will be different over there. I just don't know how people react over there, the only experiences I know about are a few concert flicks like AC/DC live at castle donnington and stuff of UK audiences. I feel like the irish audience will be alot more discerning and critical just because of the quality of the bands from over there. In america I fell like its so much easier to entertain the crowds becuase there is a lowest common demoninator and when you hit that thread in americans they respond well.

I know I'm totally lucky to even be going on tour in ireland, and the trip is going to be a blast, but I'm just starting to sweat it and it's strange for me becuase for the first time in my life I'm feeling some apprehension and stage fright.
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