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Default Re: Football v American Football

OK. now i know whatt expound means.

SUFC.LOYAL = Southend United Football Club. Loyal, is, i am a loyal surporter of the club.

The team may do well, or not, they may get promoted, up through the 4 divsions of the English football league, or they may slip down through the divisions, but i myself, and thousends of other SUFC surporters will still show our surport.

The rason why i say this, is becouse, when your club does well and gets promoted, the club seems to get a larger surpot. (stands to reason).

But equally, when the club does bad, and slips down the leagues, then those fans which gatthered on the terraces, are no where to be seen, or they are now surporting the next local primership team, that are doing well..
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