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Default Re: Best Head for Acrolite

With Acro's the further you stay from the pre-muffled batters the better. Acro's have a nice natural warm dry full tone and can sound woody if tuned right. I would go no thicker than a G2 Coated or Emperor Coated on the batter, & an Ambassador Snare or Evan's Hazy 300 are perfect for reso's.

A couple of combo's that worked well for me with my Acrolite

J1 over Ambassador Snare (very lively and sensitive)
Ambassador Coated & Emperor Coated over Ambassador snare (classic dry snare sound with lots of pop, also a perfect combo for achieving a loose tuned fat wet sound)
Aquarian Textured Coated also work well as a batter, as did a FiberSkyn FA. Although the Fiberskyn was lacking the classic Acrolite pop a bit, it did work great in a jazz setting.

Never tried it but a Coated CS Black Dot my be interesting to experiment with if you're looking for focus with out muffling out what little ring the drum naturally has around the edges.
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