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Originally Posted by MisterMixelpix View Post
By the way, Intense Metal Drumming is incredible for instruction. Even without doing anything at the set, I've learned a hell of a lot just from watching and listening to the various bits of wisdom.
Thanks a lot,
i tried to include many workouts and info in there and also not stick with blast beats so much. I know people would like to see me talking about blast beats for hours but i think it would be very stupid to spend 2 hours explaining....a single stroke roll....cause this is what the blast beat is.
Blast Beats are really really easy to understand and everyone knows how to do it by watching a transcription or a quick example.The point is HOW to do it, HOW you get into it,HOW to make it groove and HOW you get it up there on these insane tempos............this is what people needs and this is my main point on the DVD.
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