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Originally Posted by shortsman View Post
Unfortunately i will join the army to serve my 9 month in a few days and i can't buy the new Nile album right now! :(

It's the first album i'll buy when i'm able to...I'm sure the album is a total KILLER and nothing less than this! I'm sure that your drums George are still crying in pain! I wouldn't like to be your snare drum!!! I hope to see a new video soon on your youtube account! Have a nice tour!!!
What i said is that i don't bother anymore and that many people give so much attention to this cause they think it will affect their speed, which doesn't.I saw many drummers on YouTube explain it completely wrong, that had nothing to do with what i do and also mention my name there like i am the inventor of this or something...
So i had to say what i think to everyone asks...You can tell in some of these videos that what they show is NOT healthy, it's a very weird motion and definitely can hurt somebody.
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