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Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
I really don't see the point in record labels anymore. My band presses our own cds for a less than a dollar a piece and sell them for $10. We still sell plenty of cds and sell about 3 times as many digital downloads. CD baby keeps $4 per cd we sell through itunes. Shirts cost us between 3-5$ a shirt and we sell those for $10 too, there is plenty of profit to be made, and it's really not something you need a record label to do for you.

Largly true. Which is why so many major artists are getting away from traditional labels.
I've done my own band via CD baby, and yeah, it's nice.

But for the upstart bands, labels still offer something DIY have problems with:
Clout and promotion.

It's easier to impress booking agents, venues, DJ's and such if you have a label behind you.

And getting air time on radio, and promotion in major magazines, etc, is difficult without the power of a record label.

Which is why I think record labels will never fully die out.
Perhaps sometime in the future though, labels will be more of a promotional coop than what we've thought of them in the past. (?)
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