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I saw the John Mayer show in London Ontario that kicked off his Canadian tour. Steve had the groove down solid and was clearly the musical director when John was off stage.

Strong band, great tunes... even though Mayer is a bit of a douche in his personal life.

Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post
Steve is touring with John Mayer for the "Battle Studies Tour." I was fortunate enough to be Steve's guest at the show in Tampa last week. The show was a lesson in how important a great drummer is to a great sound and a great show. Steve was acting as musical director and every musician looked to him for every change. Even if you are not a John Mayer fan (and I am), go see this show. For any drummer who aspires to greatness, just watching what Steve can do, both musically and as a leader, is an incredible educational experience.

He is a great and humble guy and a master groover, drummer, musician, producer and artist!

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