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Rogue are they saying they don't make money from CD sales because they don't sell enough CD's or are they saying they don't make a large enough percentage of the CD sales.? That's two different issues and has to do with how the contracts are signed.

I'm not sure, the article didn't get that specific but I would imagine in Rush's case it would be not making a large enough percentage of the CD sales, but Rush?!? That is a good question GRUNTERSDAD. It seems like there is something else working here that wasn't mentioned in the article. I can't imagine that as long as Rush has been around and as many of their records, CDs, and the like are on the market and sold, and as much clout as they have, it's hard to imagine they couldn't get a better contract and negotiate better terms. I don't know, I'm probably missing something here.... But just reading what I have read from the posts on this site, it may be just that. And I am thinking of single-CD contracts. I would be shocked if their deals were for only 1 CD at a time. Probably multiple CD / album contracts?

But since Neil is the chief lyricist for the band, and both Alex and Geddy write, I would imagine they are all doing quite well from the publishing aspect of it all, as was stated below.

Thank you for the wonderful explanation DrumEatDrum. I will have to buy those books you quoted from.
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