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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I dunno. Your points are well put, but I just find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that a purist (and, yes, pretentious at times) Prog band that are all HIGHLY trained musicians at great schools would look to Pantera and Tool for inspiration. Maybe these are not-so-subtle tips 'o the hat to the more mainstream guys? Even then, why wouldn't they just rip-off the more mainstream riffs, like Walk, or Cowboys?
They're quite open about being inspired by both bands, actually. Go have a read of some old Portnoy interviews.

What do you find harder to believe - that DT would be comfortable doing the occasional quote of other band's stuff or that they would be oblivious to the fact that they're lifting whole sections from some of their favourite albums?

EDIT: Oh, and given that Tool are about the nearest thing out there to popular 70s-style prog (along with The Mars Volta) I'd be quite surprised if DT weren't into them. DT sound like an 80s prog band, Tool sound like a 70s prog band mixed up with The Melvins.
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