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Default Re: Advice needed on copyright issues if posting covers on Youtube

My band is dealing with this right now. We play covers and originals and are making plans to go into the studio soon to record our originals. Plan A is to post several originals on our web site, plan B is to record enough originals to release a decent CD, plan C is to shoot several videos of us playing our originals in public and post on our site and on You Tube.

As far as posting covers and shooting videos of covers for You Tube, we all agreed not to do that simply because we don't want the possible fine and/or hassle that comes from doing that. We WILL however play covers in bars and other venues since the bar should have a blanket license.

When ZZ Top was coming up through the ranks, it was noted as a great day for the band when they didn't play one cover at a gig; they only played their originals and were successful in doing it.
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