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Default Re: Fast Double Bass Pedal?

As a rule of thumb, it depends how much you're willing to spend.

If you're really planning on splashing out on a quality product then any high end pedals are great. The Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator, DW 8000 and 9000 just about any kit manufacturer has good pedals to boot, just look around.

I've owned 3 double pedals in the past, the first was some off-brand which wasn't good at all, the second was, presumably, one of the lower end Sonor ones because it wasn't that great (however it had been in storage for a while) and my current one is a DW 7000 series.

I WOULD like to recommend the DW but there is one problem i find. Although it's just one problem, it's a disastrous one. The tension screws in the linkage very, very often come loose very, very easily rendering the left pedal useless halfway through a song or set. Half the time the screws come loose and come out but not enough of them come out for the linkage to disconnect, so sometimes i never find those missing screws.

That means that everytime i set it up and use it, the strength of that linkage has gone down from the night before.

It is a great pedal, it works well and feels great, it's horrible shame that i cannot recommend it.

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