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Default Advice needed on copyright issues if posting covers on Youtube

Pretty much says it all really. I'm just finishing the recording of three cover songs. Local demo studio, nothing special. Mainly to put some content on our band site. We shot some video and intend to post it on Youtube. I see lots of covers on Youtube. Most have some form of text attached. Sighting copyright fair use para's, crediting the original artist, etc. We can do this too but I'm concerned that a studio recording (even if it's not that great) may trigger some sort of reaction compared to a recording of a band doing a cover song in a local bar. I'm sure the law doesn't differentiate but I'm still wary. The recording will not be sold, or available for download so there's no commercial gain for the band or negative implications for the commercial attractiveness of the original material. Has anyone done something similar or have any clarification available to me? Much appreciated, KIS.
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