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Default fans can be a pain sometimes

i love our fans. they are the bomb. they are what keeps us going and enable us to play live and get paid for it, but i'm telling you they can be a pain sometimes.

i'm in a new band now that is an outgrowth of another band i was in that became fairly popular and had a lot of fans. many of those fans are now fans of the new band, and that's where the trouble starts. this weekend i decided it was time to create some web pages for us on places like myspace, facebook, ilike, and so on, but much to my surprise i discovered that our fans have already created pages for us on all those web sites. they've used our band name in every case, but most of the pages have very little information about us on them. i want to take over those pages but i can't because i don't know who created them in the first place. so far, i managed to get control of the facebook page but i don't know how i'm going to get to the other pages. sheesh! i mean, bless their well meaning hearts, but these people can be a pain sometimes!
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