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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Hello Stanton...Don't know if you"ll get this but, In your opinion, The Gretsch Renown (2008) Kits 22x20 12x18 16x16 6.5x14...Is this considered a Pro or Sem-Pro Kit.?. Either way, This kit is phenomenal..I've used this set up for a year gigging and recording and have never had anyone say anything negative about it except deep kick which doesn't bother me...I'm using Zildjians(ZBT 14" lower hat on top with Sabian B lower on bottom)
20" Armand Ride and Paiste 18" Crash..Assorted Zildjans as wel..In $1000 price range, Is their Bosphorous that would add to my sound...I'd prerfer 15" Hats 21" Ride and 20" Crash..Any help or advise would be appreciated...Thank you...This coming from Dude crashing from..Uhmm..opiate dependence...Life long struggle but my drums make my life exciteable...Peace Bro...You are the greaest...RS...
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