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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
T-e-x-i-e-r-a, Mark Texiera, lucky for me a personal friend. He's a GREAT drummer, and a wicked good kid too. I've watched him play since he was a young'n, and he surpassed ME years ago!! Fun as HELL to watch too as he's got an excitement for the music that few others possess.

Also, you forget the OTHER piece of the equation in SRV's band!! Chris would sound pretty out of place playing much more than he did with Tommy's bass playing. Tommy lay's it down like PAVEMENT and Chris splits the difference between Stevie and Tommy in a manner that's really PERFECT for the band. Any more that that and he'd be playing ALONE and not WITH the band. It's not the same with Mitch Mitchell, there was ROOM in Hendrix's music and Mitch filled it in quite well.

I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Mark too. Great guy and an awesome drummer. He has a lot of knowledge of drums and drummers, and has some great stories. I get a lot of my inspiration from his playing.
I think the thing about Chris Layton (another favorite) is that he makes it look SO easy; all the great ones do. Within blues there are many different styles and Mr. Layton can do them all. Remember, it was Double Trouble that Kenny Wayne Shepherd took with him out on the road for his 10 Days Out project. He knew that whatever style was thrown at them, they could handle it.
I agree with Larry...Chris Layton isn't going to 'wow' you with the crazy four-way coordination stuff, but his playing is a master class in the most important skill...listening. Watch those videos of him, he constantly watching SRV. Great stuff.
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