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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
For example: But no body thinks twice about the imported variety, like the Pork Pie BBBs and Pearl Brass Sensitones (which I own) coming out of China for less than half the price. Think they're being as careful in dealing with the same toxic issues where the laws might not be as stringent ?
Yes, this mindset with American consumers caused the ultimate collapse of Ludwig (Chicago) Slingerland (Chicago) , Rogers (Cleveland), and Gibson (Kalamazoo) in the 1970s, and ushered in the Japanese competition, which was replaced by Pacific Rim manufacturing (or suncontracting from American, European, and Japanese concerns), and then by Chinese manufacturing. I listen to all the bitching and complaining from kids today about cymbal prices and think that an average Avedis Zildjian in the 1970s would cost about $700 in today's prices. Now who would be paying that kind of money today for a cymbal, handmade or not? It all starts with what the consumers are willing to pay. And the last thing on anybody's mind is environmental issues - if anybody really cared, we would have quit buying mahogoney a long time ago.
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