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Originally Posted by diosdude View Post
Do not discuss politics or religion on DW. Please refer to the forum rules before posting.
I hope this post did not offend you diodude or anyone else. I have read the rules about posting. One could make a case that this post is political (with a small "p") rather than about consumer choice; however, it is very much related to the purchasing choices we have. This post is in the same vein as previous discussions about buying American made drums or from last fall about supporting your independent music dealer.

I have very few drums and percussion from large corporations because I like to support independent artisans and businesses. I have 9 or 10 drums from Drumskull drums, 3 frame drums from Cooperman, bongos from Matt Smith, a string cajon from Fat Congas and many others from annonymous drumsmiths from Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Kuwait and Africa. All of these drums are also works of art and instruments with a voice; lovingly made by another drummer or artisan. When possible I prefer to put my money into the pockets of independent artisans and businesses: once the backbone of an economy. Who wouldn't want a Brady kit or Matt Nolan cymbals anyway!

If this thread is offensive to most, then I will be the first to ask Bernhard that it be removed. I am not interested in offending anyone; I am only interested in discussing a drum related issue and hearing different opinions of the DW community. I hope we are still friends diosdude! PM if you like.

Respectfully submitted

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