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Default Re: Why I love the blues, great SRV video

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You kind of have to play "sedately" to blues for it to work right. Otherwise, you'd be stepping on a great performance. When Stevie is "talking" (or any soloist) I don't like to "interrupt". Support for sure, but don't steal the spotlight at all. It's just common courtesy. Blues is not a drummers showcase, not at all, it about how good you can do a thankless job.
Kinda like Ringo. When he plays, it's easy to say, Oh man if I was playing that, I would have played "this" instead. The thing is, when you go ahead and try to play "this" you realize that Ringo knew what "NOT" to play.
Not a big Mitch Mitchell fan, Larry? He played a lot but not all the time; in Red House he laid right back. On the other hand he carried on, including solo, in another of Jimi's blues like Catfish Blues. As a keen Ringo-ologist, when I listen to Ringo's tracks I'm not thinking of what I could play instead so much as "How did he think of that?"

I agree that for a drummer of my standard playing in a five-piece group as I am, laying back in blues will work best. However, if a drummer has as much mojo as Mitch is playing in a 3-piece outfit then, depending on the song, some extra carry-on while the bassist stays home can add a lot to the experience ... that wasn't "interrupting" or playing alone - it was a conversation.

Not knocking Chris, just agreeing with you that while he's a fine drummer he's not amongst my faves. Bob, I agree with you that Cold Shot's a great song and Chris's groove in it is spot on. The only formula is there is no catch-all formula IMO
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